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This is the client project for designing an eco friendly phone for Nokia. Through my research, I found that phone battery as a power source, it is expensive, consuming valuable resources on manufacturing, presenting a disposal problem and harmful to the environment.  The concept is using bio battery to replace the traditional battery to create a pollution free environment. Read More [link]

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In the modern age of technologyand when everyone is focused on going electric , have a little though for  Mark Schaible an aircraft engineer who has been working on a project to build a homade jet plane.

SubSonex is a small, single-seat jet designed to provide high performance in an airplane that fits in your garage. Of course, there is some assembly required. But that, and the $60,000 price tag, is a small price to pay for the thrill of a lifetime.

SubSonex will use a Czech made jet engine TJ-100

Turbo-jet engines of TJ 100 type are designed as drive unit for MAE UAV and pilot flying vehicles.

Development of this engine was founded in the year 2002, several serial produced version is at present, versions untrue by lengthof output nozzle, fastening foot and by power.

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A young lad starts dating a girl and has only been with here for a few weeks and decided to impress here by taking here to the pictures. On asking here what she would like to see ” The Titanic” she replied.
Having already seen the film previously he decided to say nothing and take her, off they went to the pictures still tyring to impress her he spent loads on popcorn , coke and sweets. Watched the film and made there way home  all was going well untill the girl said ” what a sad film wouldn’t it be funny if that happend for real” What!
The lad was to embaressed to explain and probally never did.


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