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Cops have been warned to be on their best behaviour — after they were filmed using riot shields to sledge down a snowy hill while on duty.

The group from Thames Valley Police had been on on Boars Hill, Oxford, earlier this week when they decided to have a bit of fun.

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Motorists in England and Wales fined for minor offences face having to pay bigger penalties under a government scheme to compensate victims of crime.

£15 surcharge

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If no speed limit is your motto and you live in the UK I have bad news. Apparently the Metropolitan Police teamed up with Caparo, Britain’s supercar manufacturer to create the cool F1-looking police car, Caparo T1 RRV (Rapid Response Vehicle) that can go from 0 to 100mph in just 5 seconds

The Italian Police have a Lamborghini Gallardo

and the London Police have a Lamborghini Murciélago LP640

Look what Gremany have!


Ok Who bought that ?


New in Kuwait

The Auckland metropolitan

  A £65,000 supercar that can do up to 177mph for the Austrian Police


UK Lamborghini Gallardo

Australia Alfa Romeo GT

Mitsubishi EVO X Signed Up By Victoria Police

Jaguar UK has launched a high performance Police pursuit vehicle based on its award-winning Jaguar XF Diesel S model.

The police department in the UK city of Humberside is replacing their aging Subaru chase cars with Lexus IS-Fs

Mitsubishi launched a police-liveried version of its Lancer Evo X FQ300

Saved the best until last....

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