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Shishimai Dancing Shishi Robot

Adapted from China and associated with bringing good luck in the new year, the Shishimai (lion dance) is a longstanding tradition in Japan. Now the Shishimai Robot from You&I Co. Ltd. brings the costume, dance, and also the music to your home in a fun and stylish device.

Equipped with an internal sound sensor, the Shishimai Robot dances along to traditional music while tapping its feet and opening its mouth. Bring in the new year anytime with some song and dance!

Via Japan Trend Shop [Link]

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Tired Foot Care Socks

Regular socks just can’t compare to the Tired Foot Care Socks. After all, do your ordinary sneaker liners offer sturdy built in footpads for reflexology massage and advanced arch support? In Japan, where shoes are exchanged at the door for cozier footwear as a matter of course, they take their socks very seriously.

Tired Foot Care Socks

• Available sizes: M 22.5 – 23.5cm (8.9 – 9.3″), L 24.0 – 25.0cm (9.4 – 9.8″)
• M Size: 118 x 380 x 30mm (7.9 x 8.1″)
• M Weight: 130g (2.1lbs)
• L Size: 118 x 395 x 30mm (4.6 x 15.6 x 1.2″)
• L Weight: 135g
• Colors: pink, blue, white
• Materials: polyester (socks), latex (pads)

For more details via japantrendshop [Link]

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No-Frills Shampoo Dispenser

This lets you use refills for shampoo, conditioner or body soap rather than buying new bottles. Sanki is originally a backstreet factory in Tokyo making metal parts. At home, the 57-year-old factory owner, Masayuki Abe, grew tired of refilling shampoo bottles for his family and so spent three years to come up with his product as an alternative


More inventions [link]

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Don’t take your caravan to the country, let the caravan bring the country to you. Caravan by Kevin Van Braak is customised caravan that opens out to provide a grassy area of calm to wherever it’s situated. With our environment becoming increasingly more concrete and green spaces disappearing rapidly, Caravan can bring a touch of country living to anywhere it’s needed.


Mr Van Braak, from Amsterdam, bought a 1976 Constructam Caravan, stripped out the inside and cut it in half so it would open flat to reveal a grassed area capable of seating 15 people.

He said: ‘My caravan appears to be no different from any other caravan when it is pulled behind a car but when opened it manifests itself as an artificial garden, park or camping sight.’

via The Mail |link|



check out more artistic work By Kevin Van Braak link

In keeping with the Caravan scene and the mad world of crazy ideas i had a surf around and found some more for you to enjoy, it would have been rude not to. Enjoy!


1934 Dart - Prototype

Caravan of Desires






|site link|



not so modern






images by Find A Property


via blackmore vale lesuire link



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Vend me over

A vending machine provides snacks, beverages, lottery tickets, and other products to consumers without a cashier. Items sold via these machines vary by country and region. via Wiki.

Tweety Vending Machine


Give a man a fish, they say, and he'll eat for a day. Teach him to fish, and he'll eat forever—as long as he has bait.



Chris Shipley is opening Demo with MooBella, a vending machine that dispenses custom ice cream mix-ins. "Every consumer can become a Ben, or a Jerry," the CEO says. And this is a tech conference, so be advised: The machine is Linux-based and has distributed management. But how good is the ice cream

Jeans vending machine by Closed.







Odd Vending Machines

ipod vending


Pizza Vending




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lap rest womens knees

funny japanese pillow invention Japanese Pillow Invention!!

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The Square Watermelon… chew on that for a moment, if you will. The first question that comes to mind is, “Why?” Well, besides its novelty value, there are actually several darned good reasons for making a watermelon in a square shape. Since these things make great gifts, it makes sense to package them in boxes and a square shape fits into a square box with the minimum amount of wasted space. In addition, the shape naturally lends itself to being bedecked in a decorative ribbon, birthday-present style.

Think of it, a delicious watermelon packed in a home-grown gift box! And a gift that will be appreciated, knowing the cost: figure about $80 & change for one of these babies compared to about $20 for a boring, unfashionable oval one. Naturally, you’re going to want to chill your prized gift, and the shape fits perfectly inside a Japanese refrigerator. Take it out, and it won’t roll away!

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