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The lid came off dad.

Приколы с детьми (41 фото)

I'm Calling childline mum

Приколы с детьми (41 фото)

Who taught you that ?

Приколы с детьми (41 фото)

Yes thats True , Sorry mum

Приколы с детьми (41 фото)

Have you nearly finished mum

Приколы с детьми (41 фото)

Shuv it dude !



Wedgey !




Cute Kids in action




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This Guy its Nut’s great set of creative Adverts though!


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Don’t take your caravan to the country, let the caravan bring the country to you. Caravan by Kevin Van Braak is customised caravan that opens out to provide a grassy area of calm to wherever it’s situated. With our environment becoming increasingly more concrete and green spaces disappearing rapidly, Caravan can bring a touch of country living to anywhere it’s needed.


Mr Van Braak, from Amsterdam, bought a 1976 Constructam Caravan, stripped out the inside and cut it in half so it would open flat to reveal a grassed area capable of seating 15 people.

He said: ‘My caravan appears to be no different from any other caravan when it is pulled behind a car but when opened it manifests itself as an artificial garden, park or camping sight.’

via The Mail |link|



check out more artistic work By Kevin Van Braak link

In keeping with the Caravan scene and the mad world of crazy ideas i had a surf around and found some more for you to enjoy, it would have been rude not to. Enjoy!


1934 Dart - Prototype

Caravan of Desires






|site link|



not so modern






images by Find A Property


via blackmore vale lesuire link



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It takes six weeks to build a ‘jingle truck’, the brightly decorated lorries that rumble through the city of Peshawar. Adnan Khan meets the men who paint them and discovers how their work reflects the inner lives of the drivers of these massive murals on wheels.

‘Think of it this way: when a man gets married, his bride is decorated for him – she is made as beautiful as she can possibly be. For a truck driver, his truck is his bride,” says Baqir Khan, a Pakistani trucker.

read full article |link|via The National .

Check out some more stunning pics of this unique art!

Jingle Trucks












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Still waiting to be made <(^;^)>

As the Frankfurt Auto Show  has finished, it is came time to open new shows and to view new cars, the next show, that I am going to pay my attention at is – Tokyo Motor Show.

The funniest and the most unusual model of this show will be (I am almost sure) an electric-powered Pivo 2 concept car from Nissan manufacturer. Pivo looks like a space ship and has the most bold design of the year and may be the following years as well.

The Nissan Pivo is a concept car created by Nissan. The Pivo was first introduced at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show. The car is essentially a 360 degree rotating three-seater cabin on a chassis of 4 wheels, and hence eliminates the need for reversing and makes parking easier.

The Pivo is powered by a lithium-ion battery. The car’s futuristic design incorporates large doors for easy access to the cabin and large windscreens and windows for high visibility. As well as the fully rotational cabin, the Pivo features Nissan’s Around View Monitor system. This reduces blind spots (areas of the road which cannot be seen from the driver’s position) by displaying the outside surroundings on screens mounted on the inside of the car’s A-pillars, located on either side of the windshield.

An updated version of the concept, designated Pivo 2 was unveiled in 2007. The wheels have been moved to rotating pods that allow the car to drive in any direction. Along with the rotating cabin, this allows the car to pull up next to a parking space, and instead of conventional parallel parking, the wheels and cab simply rotate 90°, and the car drives in sideways. The rotating cab also now has only one door (the front of the cab itself), allowing passengers to exit or enter from any direction desired.

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Quote ” Old buildings, abandoned hospitals, industrial palaces overgrown with plants and trees,the remaining walls decorated with graffiti, smashed windows, rain dripping through the roof… (Henk van Rensbergen) via http://www.abandoned-places.com
Here’s and selection of 10 Haunted Abondoned buildings around the world

A pile of rubble lies next to the collapsed north wing of the former Smallpox Hospital on Roosevelt Island. (Photo: Judith Berdy/Roosevelt Island Historical Society)

Abandoned building in Wellsville, Ohio.

Atelier Decor Plaster Workshop in Belgium:

Extraordinary images, from a mental hospital in Surrey, England, to Michael Jackson's hauntingly empty hometown. 1936 Berlin Olympic Village Outside of Berlin, buildings and facilities used by athletes attending the controversial 1936 Berlin Olympics lie unkempt and empty.

Here is a little photo-session of an abandoned city. When the Soviet Union collapsed, government didn’t have much funds to support some small cities around strategically import objects. People of these cities were left all by themselves. Nobody could support them because any communication with this places terminated after the army decided that they now don’t have money to support those objects.

Thanks to englishrussia.com

The Sweet Juniper blog has a gallery of abandoned Detroit houses that are being overcome by the foliage around them, trees and shrubs and plants growing around, on and in them.

Scooby Doo made an entire series out of the idea of spooky abandoned amusement parks. This park near the Chernobyl disaster was abandoned before it sever opened.

Abandoned train station, Detroit

The Pavilion building, built in 1885, was originally an insane asylum for women. It handled the overflow from the asylum on Roosevelt Island, and typically received chronic cases. In the 1970s, it saw its final use as a drug rehab facility called Phoenix House.

Check out the Complete Story here a fanstaic site and remarkable images


On the very northernmost coast of Taiwan lies the spookily bizarre San Zhi resort, which consists entirely of circular, multi-coloured pods stacked on top of one another. Furthermore, these strange habitats have been completely abandoned for a number of years, and are slowly rotting away into nothing.

Erich Morton and his friend James stumbled upon the site of the former Six Flags amusement park in New Orleans. The park was heavily damaged in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and has since fallen into disrepair as cleanup and recovery have all but been abandoned (for now). What’s left in the park’s place is a mess of rides that are left half-standing and a lot of rubble from the storm.

For even more Abandoned places check out this fantastic site really put the shivers up me !


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