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Shishimai Dancing Shishi Robot

Adapted from China and associated with bringing good luck in the new year, the Shishimai (lion dance) is a longstanding tradition in Japan. Now the Shishimai Robot from You&I Co. Ltd. brings the costume, dance, and also the music to your home in a fun and stylish device.

Equipped with an internal sound sensor, the Shishimai Robot dances along to traditional music while tapping its feet and opening its mouth. Bring in the new year anytime with some song and dance!

Via Japan Trend Shop [Link]

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SHANGHAI: Over 20 superstars and fashion elite wearing delicately designed chocolate clothes on the theme “Opera” were the highlight of the start of the 15th Paris Salon du Chocolat in Shanghai yesterday, the world’s biggest chocolate event.

Started 15 years ago in Paris, the Salon du Chocolat has now been hosted in New York, Tokyo and Moscow, as well as Beijing in 2005.

However, it has taken another five years for this worldly chocolate event to finally come to Shanghai, where many of the French companies in China are located. via [chinadaily]







The chocolate fashion show at the Chinese version of Salon du  Chocolat featured models wearing chocolate breastplates...

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Four year old Girl has had an operation to correct a hand that had 6 identical fingers .Article

“it was highly unusual for somebody to have six nearly identical fingers, they said”.

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