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Ok, is it just me or am i missing something here , 2010 Social media networking is global does this stuff actually go on.

You can meet if you like ” Winter Awayday
Our winter away day, combining maps, chat and a good laugh.
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Websites: Motorway Services Online – Friday, 1st January 2010
Misc MSAs: New page looking at what’s happened in 2009.
Services: The nearly-defunct Rainton moved to its own page, and more services added to the A27.

Links. Monterie – fantastic website on the world’s different road numbering systems

Well as always folks i am meerly bringing it to you “You Decide”

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Crapstone is a village in the county of Devon. The village is located on the edge of Dartmoor and is approximately 1 mile from the village of Yelverton, 9 miles from the city of Plymouth and 5 miles from Tavistock. https://i2.wp.com/img.groundspeak.com/waymarking/display/1ca5aa11-8289-4f71-a654-cef448e34e76.jpg

In 2007 Crapstone was used as the name of the village in a television advert for the RAC. Local residents started a protest group on the social networking site Facebook complaining that the village used in the television advert was not actually Crapstone but a location using its name. One member of the group has stated that the location for filming was near ‘The Pimple’ at Tavistock; however none of this was mentioned in the advert; not even in small print. via Wiki

In Britain we have a huge portfolio of towns and villages with strange, Bizarre and Rude place names but this has clealry not affected the price. On sale currnetly in the village of Crapstone is a 7 bedroom detached luxury pad.


A Victorian detached house offering considerable potential standing in a mature level garden, offered for sale for the first time in 60 years. 3 receptions, 7 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, total about 3794 sq ft (352.4 sq.m), drive, triple garage.
3 Receptions, Kitchen / Breakfast Room, 7 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, About 3794 Sq.Ft, Drive, Triple Garage.

Offers in the region of £725,000

A Victorian detached house offering considerable potential standing in a mature level garden, offered for sale for the first time in 60 years.

The partly tree lined setting forms part of a quality residential area within the village of Crapstone, very close to the south west fringe of the Dartmoor National Park, north of Plymouth. Roborough Down, with its wide open space of moorland, lies only about 100 yards away.

The village is about one mile from the National Trust Buckland Abbey and is also about a mile from the larger village of Yelverton which offers a wide range of shops, health centre, recreation ground, churches and other facilities. Yelverton Golf Club is about a mile distant.

Crapstone itself includes a small number of local shops and businesses while at Buckland Monachorum, a mile way, there is a local pub, church and a well respected primary school. The Crescent is possibly the most desirable part of the village, with quiet surroundings and seclusion offered by established trees and mature gardens, which also protect the property. Full Details description and pictures Via Stags of Plymouth.|link|

A portfolio of other bizarre place names around Britain and by the looks of it other towns across the world are ctaching on with this great British tradition.



Ludford,Market Rasen

Watchet , Somerset







Heptonstall, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire HX7 7EX, UK

Pity Me Durham, County Durham DH1, UK

Land O Nod Farm Mickleby, Ugthorpe, North Yorkshire YO21 2BL, UK

Dull, Perth and Kinross PH15 UK

Thong Shorne, Kent DA12, UK

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Blame it on the moonlight , blame it on the sunshine , blame in on the Grit-man, blame it on everybody!

Well lets take a look.

More travel disruption as heavy snow moves south
Forecast of 40cm of snow in southern England raises concerns over repeat of transport disruptions affecting north

The Gaurdian 05/01/2010

More than 16 inches of snow to fall across south

Over 16 inches of snow is expected to fall across parts of the south of England over the next 24 hours bringing many major towns and cities grinding to a halt.

The Telegraph 05th January 2010

Heavy snow causes transport chaos as Britain slips into work late

By Wil Longbottom  7:50 AM on 18th December 2009 Article

Trapped: Presenter Davina McCall,took this picture from her car after she was trapped on the A21 in Kent Dec 09

So taking into account this again is Britain in mad winter panic and we Can’t cope mode the world is about to end i did some research and its amazing what was reported in the last 10 years.

Lets start in 2004

We blame the High street demise on yes you guessed it ” the weather What in April ? ”

Grim weather slows boom on high street article

April 1, 2004

The impact of “atrocious” March weather in dampening shoppers’ enthusiasm for spring clothing ranges was partly blamed by the CBI for the abrupt slowdown in retail activity.

Overall, a net balance of plus 17 per cent of retailers reported higher sales last month — down from the buoyant figure of plus 26 per cent in February.

Clothing and footwear chains bore the brunt of the sales disappointment, with the sales balance for the sector slumping from plus 23 to minus 14 per cent.

Article  times-online

Worst Winters!

Reported on a BBC website in 2004 ,

Looking over the last 150 years there have been several notable winter events in the UK

The coolest period in the middle of the last millennium is referred to as the ‘Little Ice Age’. In British terms it ran from medieval times until 1850. Ever since that time our climate has been getting warmer but even in today’s warmer climate, snow and ice still cover our highest mountains during the winter months.

Having said that winter in the UK rarely sets in before December. The coldest months are still usually January and February. There haven’t been to many cold winters recently in the UK and the number of days with snow cover are becoming fewer too. It’s getting harder and harder to make a snowman in Southern England! Many young children living here are still waiting to see their first white Christmas. If global warming predictions from the Met Office’s Hadley Centre are correct they may never live to see it. The predictions for the next 50 years are that our winters will become milder, wetter and windier. The last white Christmases in London were 1906, 1916, 1927, 1938, 1956, 1964, 1968, 1970,1976, 1981, 1996 and 1999.

The Mail Online Reported , 18 January 2005

Deep snow causes Scotland travel chaos

Heavy snow caused travel chaos across Scotland today as the country was braced for gales of up to 70mph.

Up to 10 inches of snow fell in parts of central Scotland overnight making road conditions hazardous.

Gritters worked through the night but black ice caused a spate of accidents.

Drifting snow and icy patches forced the closure of the A93 between Braemar and Blairgowrie, the A81 between Callander and Aberfoyle and the A85 between Killin and Crianlarich, which were described by police as “treacherous”.

February 2007 Mail-online

Winter whiteout as heavy snow causes misery on roads and railways,Drivers were warned to stay off the roads for at least 24 hours following heavy snowfalls.The cold snap blocked busy routes and brought misery to rail and air passengers.Some stranded travellers demanded to know why bad weather that had been forecast for several days could cripple the transport network.The turmoil is believed to have cost firms up to £400million in lost productivity with around one million employees missing work.
Winter 2008
Winter January 2009
So thats the weather panic put to bed, its winter what do people expect it happens all over the world in Poland it is -4 and snow , the USA is under snow , Norway -10 , Latvia -9. I also remember Britain blaming the grit for all this mad panic well Britain only have themselves to blame, the problem still exists and once again when the grit runs out we then blame someone else ,
“We could stockpile more salt but would have to pay millions for huge depots to keep it in and taxpayers would have to pay for it with a council tax rise and I don’t suppose taxpayers would be happy with that.

“The Salt Union says on its website it can produce 100,000 tonnes a week but is struggling to produce 30,000. What’s happening to the other 70,000 tonnes?”

The Salt Union spokesman said the 100,000 figure related to the maximum it could supply councils if it had full stock levels. She said the maximum it could extract at any time was 30,000 tonnes a week. A spokesman for the Local Government Association suggested. Article

At the ‘ Cold Comfort ‘ confrence in Cardiff 2008 Mike Hawkins explained

” Conventional grit which many of us have seen on UK roads and car parks during winter is produced from mined rock salt, and is generally quite dry. As a result of it’s dryness, it can fail to adhere to the road surface, leaving untreated patches on roads even after they appear to have been gritted. One solution has been the use of molasses, from sugar production, to coat the grit thus making it more ‘sticky’. Many highway and road authorities are now changing to pre-wetted grit, which is a mixture of rock salt and brine spread onto the road surface. However, the use of pre-wetted grit introduces different problems in relation to freezing temperatures and a decrease in skidding resistance created by adding a wet substance to the road surface.

Well all this panic has got too much for someone who decided to take his anger out on the local council by getting an abusive tax disc and ranting on a blog site. Read More |link|



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