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John Koller, Sony’s head of PlayStation marketing, reveals how the PlayStation Network will expand tremendously in 2010, and why Project Natal and the Wii are going to be in “trouble” when the PS3 launches its own motion sensing technology.


Shooters and sports games… they’re areas that quite honestly, I think Project Natal and the Wii are going to have trouble matching, from a differentiation standpoint. We look at motion control as being that much more than what exists on the market. The Holy Grail of gaming is placing you as a consumer into the game physically.

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Sony's Big Plans for 2010

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DigitalSoaps on Etsy have launched a cool Mountain Dew Type Shampoo and Xbox Soap Combo which is a dream that has come true for many geeks. The shampoo comes in a mountain Dew bottle and it smells like Mountain Dew too! The soap smells like Mountain Dew as well, but is shaped like an Xbox Controller.

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Current XBOX 360 sales Worldwide 39 million as of January 6, 2010

Will Microsoft launch its next-gen Xbox in 2011? There have been a couple of articles recently that have speculated on just that. We look at whether the ‘Xbox 720’ will feature a return to Intel chips, the inclusion of a Blu-ray drive, and more storage than you can ever fill.

A PlayStation 4 and potential ‘Xbox 720’ could arrive as early as 2011, estimates Crytek president and CEO Cevat Yerli. Industry analyst Colin Sebastian agrees, suggesting that “the general consensus amongst industry professionals is that a new generation of home consoles will arrive on the market in 2011 or 2012.”



But what if there is no next-gen console?

Acclaim boss Dave Perry recently suggested that Sony has “pretty much no chance of making money on the PS3” and will have to extend the console’s lifespan. While Alex St. John, the CEO of games company WildTangent, predicts that: “we’re looking at the last generation of consoles. There’s not going to be an Xbox 720 or a PS4, I’ll make that bet, not going to happen.”

Sure, Microsoft can build a better, faster, more powerful Xbox. As Microsoft’s Robbie Bach told 1UP: “people ask me how many people I have working on the next generation. On the one hand, it’s everybody. On the other, it’s nobody. People are continuously working on new technology.”

The next question isn’t necessarily ‘what will the next Xbox look like?’ but ‘will there even be one?’

Project Natal xmas 2010

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We all know that the games business goes in cycles and that a new generation of consoles always comes along to replace whatever is popular today. In fact, we should now be talking about the Xbox 720, Sony PlayStation 4 and Wii II, or whatever they might be called, because game developers need a couple of years to create new games to exploit the new hardware capabilities that justify the launch of a new generation. But we aren’t, and Microsoft doesn’t want us to.

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Keep your Xbox games and controllers locked up to prevent unauthorized use with the new Xbox 360 Security Locker. Stop your friends and family members from borrowing your games or using your Xbox without permission.

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via Naughty Bear Doesn’t Play Well With Others.


The goal in Naughty Bear is to scare, irritate, and, of course, hurt the other bears, racking up “Naughty Points” as you do and using weapons strewn about the game’s 30 stages. The game will dole out more Naughty Points in response to more “deviant and maniacal” tactics. From the description, it sounds like Manhunt with teddy bears. It’s going to be a polyester stuffing-bath.

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Sony (SNE) is developing a multi-core CPU for use in its next generation gaming console, the PlayStation 4 pc.

” Sony had been weighing a number of options, including a modified version of the Cell architecture used in the PS3 in combination with Intel’s Larrabee.

The Cell processor, which Sony developed with Toshiba and IBM, has been criticized as not being developer-friendly. Sony reportedly felt that none of the modified Cell solutions it was investigating would offer the horsepower it wanted for the PS4. This is the strongest indication so far that Sony is thinking of abandoning Cell altogether.

2010 should be a year filled with speculation about the PS4 and other next generation consoles, but we are years away from the actual release of any of them, so concrete information is probably a long way away.

The Next generation of XBOX

Sony and Microsoft are readying peripheral devices next year to add on to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to further extend their product lives.

For instance, Microsoft is working on “Project Natal” to add motion-sensing game play to the Xbox, so it’s more like a Wii.

But Id Software technical director John Carmack, creator of “Doom” and “Quake,” told PC World he thinks Sony is hustling to release the PS4 before Microsoft has a competing product ready.

And gamer geeks are already guessing what the next generation video game consoles might look like.

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